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Ergodesign Furniture, an international enterprise integrated with home & office furniture, kitchenware and e-commerce, is engaged in the research, development, sale, marketing and supply chain solution full service of furniture. We offer an extensive line of Bar Chairs, Coat Racks, Bread Boxes, Home Office Desks, Foldable Desks, Microwave Stands and so forth. We’re specialized in the design, Research & Development, production and marketing of furniture. Qualified with BSCI certification, R&D and Merchandising Team, Professional Team of Designers, Automatic Production, Strict Quality Control, Large Supply as well as Quick Delivery in USA, Ergodesign furniture also offers Full Service Supply Chain Solution. Aiming to offering a growth and communication platform for all markets, we hope to know and understand the unique needs of each individual market and build a close relationship of transparency and trust with our clients. Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, we dedicate to building a reliable reputation among our customers based on our professional services, quality products and competitive prices.

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