ERGODESIGN Adjustable Mesh Office Chairs with Flip-up Armrest

An ergonomic and comfortable office chair is definitely of great importance for office workers. ERGODESIGN mesh office chairs are crafted delicately in details: ergonomic S-shaped back design that fits perfectly the shape of your spine; back support for correct sitting position; comfortable and soft cushion; padded armrest which could be flipped upward when you push our office chair under the office desk; adjustable height through BIFMA-passed air-lift handle; 360-degree swivel and 30-degree reclining backward. The mesh surface of our office chairs is breathable, which is comfortable especially when you have to sit in the office all day. 4 different colors are available now.

  • Dimensions: W20" x D20" x H38"-41"
    W53 cm x D48 cm x H96.50 - 104 cm
  • Unit Weight: 10.20 KG
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
  • MOQ: 100 PCS / model
  • Lead Time: 30 Days
  • Supply Ability: 60,000 PCS / month

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    Product Name ERGODESIGN Adjustable Mesh Office Chairs with Flip-up Armrest
    Model NO. and Color 5130001 / Black with Black Mesh
    5130002 / White with Black Mesh
    5130003 / White with Light Grey Mesh
    5130004 / White with Grey Mesh
    Material Mesh
    Style High-back Office Chair
    Warranty One year
    Packing 1.Inner package, transparent plastic OPP bag;
    2.Accessories box;
    3.Export standard 250 pounds of carton.



    W20" x D20" x H38"-41"
    W53 cm x D48 cm x H96.50 - 104 cm

    Seat Backrest Width:                19.5" (49.50cm)
    Seat Backrest Height:               20" (51cm)
    Seat Cushion Width:                 20" (51cm)
    Seat Cushion Depth:                 20" (51cm)
    Seat Cushion Thickness:           4" (10cm)
    Armrest Length:                       9" (23cm)

    Seat Height:             18" - 21" (46cm - 53.50cm)
    Overall Height:         38" - 41" (96.50cm - 104cm)

    Weight Limit: 300lbs / 136kg


    ERGODESIGN office chairs are crafted delicately in details:

    1. Ergonomic Design of Back Support and Waist Support

    It’s easy for us to stoop with wrong sitting positions, with which you will feel tired easily even in a short while. However, ERGODESIGN ergonomic office chairs could solve this problem.

    926 (6)

    Our task chairs are designed ergonomically in the Back Support and Waist Support. The S-shaped back  support design fits your spine perfectly in the neck, the back, the lumbar and the hip, which could help to  adjust your wrong sitting positions.

    And our desk chair's waist support tilts out a little, which reminds you to sit uprightly, thus you could keep correct sitting positions on our swivel desk chair. Therefore, you won’t get tired easily and have backpack even when you sit on our lumbar support chair and work all day long.

    926 (7)                   926 (8)

    2. Soft Cushion

    Upholstered in high density foam with breathable mesh, ERGODESIGN mesh office chairs are comfortable for sitting. They're good for releasing pressure from your hips.


    3. Flip-up Padded Armrest


     ERGODESIGN mesh office chair is equipped with padded armrest where you could rest your arms when you sit on it.

     The armrest could be flipped upward. You could flip up the armrest when you put our computer chair under the office desk. It could fit any office desks with different height.

    4. Adjustable Height

    The height of our computer chair is adjustable for 4”. Through our BIFMA-cerfitifed height adjusting lever, you could adjust our computer office chair easily to a comfortable height that is suitable and comfortable for you.

    926 (11)

    5. 360-Degree Swivel And 30-Degree Reclining Backward

    926 (12)

     Our swivel office chair could be rotated in 360-degree direction. It’s convenient for face-to-face communication with your colleagues. And you could move at ease to fetch documents you need while sitting on our swivel desk chair.

     ERGODESIGN ergonomic desk chairs with wheels could be reclined backward from 90°to 120°. You could recline our desk chair backward and lie down to relax when you feel tired.

    Available Colors

    ERGODESIGN mesh office chairs are available with 4 colors:

    926 (13)

    5130001 / Black Office Chair

    926 (14)

    5130002 / White with Black Mesh

    926 (15)

    5130003 / White with Light Grey Mesh

    926 (16)

    5130004 / White with Grey Mesh


    ERGODESIGN ergonomic office chairs have passed the ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 tests certified by SGS.


    Test Report : Pages 1-3 /3


    It’s important to have comfortable and ergonomic office chairs especially when we work from home nowadays. ERGODESIGN ergonomic desk chairs are suitable for various occasions. You could place them in your office, meeting room, study room and even living room.

    926 (17)

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