ERGODESIGN Roll Top Bread Box With 2 Layers For Kitchen Countertop

ERGODESIGN bread boxes offer extra large capacity for more than 2 large loaves of bread. It has 2 layers: the first layer is acrylic glass which is transparent for you to check your bread and the second layer is roll top bread box. The back air vents of our bread storage box could keep your bread fresh longer than traditional airtight containers. The arc design and high-foot bottom for both sides are easier for you to move our large bread box. Its finish is smooth and shiny owing to the natural bamboo material, which is easy to clean and eco-friendly. Instruction manual is attached with our bread container for easy assembly. Moreover, our factory has passed the ISO9001 certification.

  • Dimensions: 16.14" L x 9.84" W x 14.5" H
  • Unit Weight: 3.80 KG
  • Capacity: 134.04 OZ
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
  • MOQ: 300 PCS
  • Lead Time: 40 Days
  • Supply Ability: 40,000 -50,000 PCS / month

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    Product Name ERGODESIGN Bamboo Bread Box with 2 Layers
    Model NO. 504521 / Natural
    5310013 / Brown
    Material 95% Bamboo + 5% Acrylic
    Style Two layers; Natural & Elegant; Roll Top Type
    Warranty 3 Years
    Applications Bread box and vegetable bin, bread and fruit storage, large bread storage etc.
    Packing 1.Inner package, EPE with bubble bag;
    2.Export standard 250 pounds of carton.



    16.14" L x 9.84" W x 14.5" H

    Length:            16.14" (41cm)
    Width:             9.84" (25cm)
    Height:            14.5" (37cm)



    ● Unlike other traditional airtight containers that would dry out the air and stale your bread quickly, ERGODESIGN bamboo bread bin with back air vents could preserve enough moisture to keep your bread fresh for 3-4 days.

    ● The arc design and high-foot bottom make it easier for you to move our bread holder, and it could prevent our bamboo bread bin from getting wet.

    ● You could check how much bread or other baked goods are left inside the bread storage container through the acrylic glass window. That would save you the trouble of opening it and prevent your bread from going stale quickly due to opening and closing the bread box frequently.

    ● Made of natural bamboo material, ERGODESIGN large bread box for homemade bread is not only smooth and shiny, but also eco-friendly and easy to clean.

    ● Stable tenon structure ensures our roller bread bin SOLID enough with 3 years warranty.

    ● Round handle: it's easier to open the large bread bin.

    Available Colors


    Model & Color: 504521 / Natural


    Model & Color: 5310013 / Brown

    What Comes with Our Bread Box

     Instruction Manual

    An instruction manual for assembly.

    Screw Driver

    A screw driver is offered in case you don't have any tools at hand.

    Extra Screws and Wooden Handles

    Extra metal screws and wooden handles are also offered in a small package for further use if needed.


    ERGODESIGN roll top bread box is used for your homemade bread storage. They could be placed in your kitchen or living room.


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