ERGODESIGN Double-door Bread Box with Movable Board and Drawer

ERGODESIGN has upgraded a new design of our double-door bamboo bread box: a drawer with several bulkheads is embedded at the bottom of our large bread bin, which offers extra storage space for your napkins, spoons, forks & knifes and other tableware. Double-door design with transparent glass window for easy check of your baked goods without opening the bread storage box. Equipped with one movable board inside, our bread holder is featured with large storage. Back air vents for air circulation to keep your bread fresh for 3-4 days. Made of natural bamboo, ERGODESIGN bamboo bread box is both eco-friendly and easy for cleaning. Detailed assembly instructions are attached with our bread bins packages. 

  • Dimensions: 14.17"L x 9.05"W x 15.36"L
  • Unit Weight: 5.01 KG
  • Capacity: 176.36 OZ
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
  • MOQ: 300 PCS
  • Lead Time: 40 Days
  • Supply Ability: 40,000 -50,000 PCS / month

  • Product Detail

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    Product Name ERGODESIGN Double-door Bread Box with Movable Board and Drawer
    Model NO. & Color 5310006 / Natural
    5310007 / Brown
    Material 95% Bamboo + 5% Acrylic
    Style Large Bread Bin with Movable Board & Drawer
    Warranty 3 Years
    Packing 1. Inner package, EPE with bubble bag;
    2. Export standard 250 pounds of carton.



    14.17"L x 9.05"W x 15.36"L

    Length:                     14.17”  (36cm)
    Width:                       9.05”  (23cm)
    Height:                      15.36”  (39cm)


    To offer our customers with excellent bread boxes, weve striven to craft every our double-door large bread box in all details.

    1. Transparent Double Doors with Round Handles


    • The double-door design benefits for bread storage, which is easy for putting bread inside and taking them out.

    • The doors are embedded with acrylic glass. You could check the inventory of your baked goods easily without opening the bread storage box, hence prolonging the edible time of your bread. 

    • The round handles , also made of bamboo, make it convenient for opening and closing our bread boxes. 


    2. High-Foot Bottom


    The bottom of our large bread bin is cambered with high foot. It could keep our tall bread bins dry on the kitchen countertop. Moreover, its more convenient to move our bread boxes by grabbing the arc slots. 

    3. Eco-friendly Raw Material

    ERGODESIGN adopts 100% natural bamboo as the  raw material for our countertop bread box, which is eco-friendly, waterproof and easy for cleaning.


    4. Back Air Vents for Appropriate Air Circulation


    To keep the bread fresh for days under room temperature, having appropriate air circulation is vital. Compared with other traditional airtight bread bins, our extra large bread bins are designed with back air vents, which guarantees enough moisture with air circulation inside. 

    5. Extra Large Storage Space with Drawer

    The board inside our double-door large bread bin is movable. You could take it out when you need to store French Baguette. Based on our previous design of double-door bread storage container, a drawer with several bulkheads is newly added, which offers extra storage space. You could keep your napkins, spoons, forks & knifes and other tableware here.


    Available Colors


    5310006 / Natural


    5310007 / Brown

    What Comes With Our Bread Box

     Instruction Manual

    For assembly step by step

    Screw Driver

    Tools for assembly.

    Extra Screws and Wooden Handles

    In a small package as backup accessories.


    ERGODESIGN bamboo bread bin is a good helper for your bread storage. You could place it on your kitchen countertop or anywhere you prefer.


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