• Q:How could I know the dimensions of the furniture that I'm interested in?

    A:Dimensions could be found on PRODUCT pages. You could also click our Online Service or email us (Our Email: info@ergodesigninc.com).

  • Q:How could I assemble the furniture bought from you?

    A:For furniture that require assembly, detailed manual instructions are attached with our packages. If you have any questions during assembly, welcome to contact us. Our Email: info@ergodesigninc.com

  • Q:Furniture Care: how to maintain the furniture?

    A:Most of our furniture is used indoors. Unless they're explicitly approved for being used outdoors, please use them indoors.

    For most furniture: you could clean them with a soft dry cloth.

    For furniture with leather:

    ● Please keep the leather from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent color fading.

    ● Please clean the dust, crumbs or other particles with a soft dry cloth (mostly recommended).

    ● You could also use a leather-specific cleaner for leather furniture.

  • Q:How long is the lead time and delivery time?

    A:The production lead time: about 20 to 40 days based on different products and quantity. For the exact lead time, please check our PRODUCT pages or contact us for details.

    Delivery time: For stock items, shipment could be arranged from our USA warehouses directly.
    Pick up goods by yourself at our USA warehouses: about 7 days.
    Delivery arranged by us from our USA warehouses: about 14 days.

    The exact delivery time and charges are based on your location. For more details, please contact us. Our Email: info@ergodesigninc.com.

  • Q:If there are any quality problems, what's the warranty? How could I get the warranty?

    A:All ERGODESIGN furniture is guaranteed with warranty. The exact warranty period is shown on PRODUCT pages. Please check.

    ERGODESIGN Warranty Claim Procedure: If there are any quality problems during warranty, please contact us directly. To claim warranty services, necessary information is required: the Order Number, photos or short videos of the items in details that have quality problems etc. Solutions will be offered as soon as possible based on the details you offered after confirmation.

  • Q:Is customized furniture available?

    A:Yes. For more details, welcome to contact us to discuss further. Our Email: info@ergodesigninc.com.