ERGODESIGN Bread Boxes with Double-Door Design and Movable Cutting Board

ERGODESIGN extra large bread box for kitchen countertop is attached with a movable cutting board, with which you could cut your bread. This bamboo bread bin design is already qualified with the United States patent. The 2-tier bread box is large enough for various bread of all sizes, including Baguette. The tiny air vents in the back allow fresh air going in, thus keeping enough moisture for your bread and other baked goods. The acrylic glass door also facilitates the bread storage. Frequent opening and closing the countertop bread box will stale your bread or other baked goods soon. With the transparent glass door, you could know how much bread are left without opening it every time. Natural bamboo material is eco-friendly and easy to clean.

  • Dimensions: L14.17" x W9.05” x H13.4”
    L36 cm x W23 cm x H34 cm
  • Unit Weight: 3.20 KG
  • Capacity: 112.88 OZ
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
  • MOQ: 300 PCS
  • Lead Time: 40 Days
  • Supply Ability : 40,000 -50,000 PCS / month

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    Product Name ERGODESIGN Large Bread Box with Double-Door Design and Movable Cutting Board
    Model NO. & Color 502595HZ / Natural
    5310003 / Brown
    5310023 / Black
    Color Natural
    Material 95% Bamboo + 5% Acrylic
    Style Two-layer, farmhouse bread box
    Warranty 3 Years
    Packing 1.Inner package, EPE with bubble bag;
    2.Export standard 250 pounds of carton.




    L14.17" x W9.05” x H13.4”
    L36 cm x W23 cm x H34 cm

    Length:     14.17" (36cm)
    Width:       9.05" (23cm)
    Height:      13.4" (34cm)


    * Please NOTE: the board / shelf in the middle of this bamboo bread box is movable. It could be used as a cutting board for your bread.



    1. Arc design

    You could grasp the arc slots in the bottom of both sides to move our bread storage container. It's easier and more convenient compared with other simple bread boxes without arc slots.


    2. Natural bamboo material

    Excellent substitute for solid wood material, which is eco-friendly and easy to clean.

    3. Large capacity

    ERGODESIGN extra large bread box (14.17" L x 13.4" H x 9.05" W) has 2 decks, which provides large capacity for more than 2 large loaves of bread, rolls, muffins and other goods. And the bread won't be squashed due to small capacity.


    4. A movable board with 2 functions

    ERGODESIGN double layer bread box is equipped with a movable board inside.
    1) The board is used as a shelf for two-layer storage. If you put inside the movable board, it will become a 2-shelf bread box.
    2) If you need to put large and long bread, like baguette, inside the wood bread box, the movable board could be removed. It also functions as a cutting board for your bread. You could save the money of buying another cutting board for bread and it's more hygienic for healthy life.


    5. Back air vents

    ERGODESIGN bread container has air vents in the back, which could keep your bread fresh longer than other sealed containers.

    6. Transparent acrylic glass door

    You could see exactly how much bread are left without opening our countertop bread box, which could save your time and retain bread freshness.

    Available Colors


    502595HZ / Natural


    5310003 / Brown


    5310023 / Black

    Special Design with USA Patent

    This ERGODESIGN countertop bread box with double-door design is already patented in the United States
    Patent No.: US D917, 978 S


    What Comes With Our Bread Box

     Instruction Manual

    An instruction manual for assembly.

    Screw Driver

    A screw driver is offered in case you don't have any tools at hand.

    Extra Screws and Wooden Handles

    Extra metal screws and wooden handles are also offered in a small package for further use if needed.


    ERGODESIGN bread bins with movable cutting board is used for your homemade bread storage in your kitchen. It could also be used commercially to display bread to your customers.


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